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Want to Know The Best of Dubai?

This was my first trip to Dubai and It really did not disappoint! It was probably one of my favourite trips we've been on, I didn't really have much expectation going to Dubai as it wasn't really a place I'd been dying to go to but now I've been I already can't wait to go back! We had a four day trip with visitdubai, the Dubai tourism board. I have found that there are many mixed feelings/ reviews on Dubai and many of these are that they didn't know what to do or where to go in Dubai. I feel that if you do research and plan where you're going to go and different things to see you will have the most epic time!

For our time in Dubai, we stayed in the Renaissance hotel and it was beautiful! The decors very modern and chic and its new so everything was pristine and perfect. We had a very late night as we arrived in the middle of the night so we started with a leisurely morning of breakfast at the hotel on the balcony looking over the city of Dubai. The first place to visit on day one was the miracle gardens. Tickets for entry is 43 ADR per person. It is a huge area with many different flower arrangements and colours, it's such a peaceful and beautiful environment to walk around and one you wouldn't expect to find in Dubai! The main event, the most impressive I feel, is the huge A380 Aircraft in the gardens, decorated with thousands of flowers over it!! It also looks insane above from a drone. ( See the picture below)

Activities/ What we got up to:

The Dubai Mall - the biggest mall in the world! I don't think you could cover the Mall in one day, there's so much to see and do! There is an ice rink, a huge waterfall, cinemas, hundreds of restaurants and shops and of course the Dubai Aquarium!

I personally am not sure how I feel about aquariums but it is a major point of the mall and its hard to miss as its three floors tall! From the mall, you can also access the Burj Khalifa! You have to get tickets to go to the top which is around 370 AED.

Burj Khalifa- For our first sunset in Dubai, what better way to watch it than on the top of the Burj Khalifa! We made our way to the top at around 5 pm. We had to go in a tour group of about 15 people up to the top as they have a guide who tells you all about the makings of the Burj and some fun facts. The main viewing deck is on the 148th floor! It is utterly insane, and a tad bit scary to be that high up! It was amazing because you can see the built-up skyscrapers and then beyond that is just desert upon desert and its brilliant to be able to see the contrast! We spent around 30 minutes up there taking shots and pointing out all the buildings we could see and name and then made our way to the bottom before it got too busy. As well as the viewing deck on the 148th floor you can also visit the 125th and 124th floor for drinks and a different perspective.

Heli Ride- The next morning we awoke early for our next insane activity which was a helicopter over the skies of Dubai! Our take-off point was at the helm pad in the Atlantis Hotel on The Palm. We got briefed and suited with a life jacket and off we went. We got lucky and managed to sit on the two seats near the front next to the pilot. As we took off we flew over the palm and 'the world' which was a sight to see as it's still slightly abandoned and not much work is being done to it so it was interesting to see. We then took a turn and flew over the city, by the Burj and back around again. It was such a cool experience to do and I would defiantly recommend anyone to do it.

Desert Roads- For the rest of our second day we just used it to chill out a bit, edit and we also drove to the desert and found some really cool abandoned/ unfinished roads that had been built and covered with sand, so of course we had to get the drone up and take some insane photos!

Hot Air Balloon- It was the morning of our third day in Dubai, our trip was in full swing and I was loving every moment of it! I already knew that Dubai would be my next fav place! We woke at 3 am to be collected for our hot air balloon ride! This day was pretty awesome! We drove for 40 minutes into the desert where we were greeted by three hot air balloons being pumped up ready for the morning flight! We flew over the desert in search of camels and gazelles for 1 hour and it was so so peaceful up there. Definitely an experience I can't wait to do again! After the hot air balloon ride, we hoped in the cars for another 30 minutes and were taken to a different, more in-depth part of the desert, by old rustic land rovers where they had set up an Arabian vibe with cushions on the floor and a tepee where breakfast was being served. We enjoyed a traditional middle eastern breakfast and hopped back into the land rovers for our last part of the tour which was a drive around the sand dunes finding out about how they used to survive in the desert and what they used to use etc. it was so informative and interesting!

Rooftop- For our last day in Dubai we arranged with the hotel staff in the renaissance to spend sunrise on the rooftop, watching the sun come up and light the city. At 5:30 am we met with the hotel security who took us to the top floor, it was an easy climb up a ladder and we were on the roof. It was amazing to see the town from this angle whilst looking down and seeing the people on the streets looking like ants. We spent an hour up there taking shots and watching the sun reflecting off the Burj. After making our way down we stopped for our final breakfast at the Renaissance and had a little nap.

V5- A cool pool bar/ hotel and we headed here for some lunch and chill time. It was so nice to be able to hop into the pool when we got really hot as the temperature was around 30c! Head here if you want somewhere different to hang and if you feel like a mid-afternoon drink/ boogie time.

Old Town- As we had spent a lot of time in the main parts of Dubai exploring the new city we wanted to spend an afternoon in old town Dubai to experience the diversity. We drove for around 30 minutes to get there. Once there we thought the best and most touristy thing to do was to hire a boat and sail around the rivers near old town and it was crazy to see the buildings surrounding the river as they used to be the main part and viewpoint but now they are small, old and worn down buildings. It would have been amazing to have come to Dubai when that was the central hub to then see how much its changed over the years! Visiting the old town of Dubai was such a special way to end our trip here in Dubai! It was the best trip and It really surpassed any expectations I had on Dubai. I can not wait to go back, I think we want to go back when there is fog! For anyone thinking of going but aren't too sure, all I can say is book up and go! Just make sure you do some research and look into what you want to see and where you want to go and it will not disappoint!

Hayley ❀

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