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Have You Heard of Bawah Island?

Bawah Island is located 150 nautical miles from Singapore by private seaplane. It is made up of five main islands surrounding three clear lagoons and many beautiful beaches surrounding each island. It has only recently become noticed on the map and the resort has been open less than one year so it feels so untouched and remote! Its so remote it goes by it's on time, to allow for a beautiful scene at sunset, they are an hour and a half ahead of Singapore.

Journey There:

We travelled from Bali to Singapore as this is the best route to take to get to Bawah Island. After spending a relaxed afternoon/ evening in Singapore we were picked up at 7 am and taken to the ferry terminal, Tanah Merah to take a 40-minute ferry to Batam Centre. From there, its an 80-minute seaplane journey to Bawah, the only way to access Bawah is by seaplane! The views from above are insane as you can see the beautiful coral surrounded by clear turquoise water!

The Resort:

On arrival to the resort, you get off the seaplane onto a long split jetty leading towards the main part of the resort which is made up of three main bars. A beach bar where you can have lunch looking out onto the islands surrounding Bawah with cool rope swing seats and a rustic sailor vibe. One bar by the pool which looks out to the sea, so you can enjoy a cocktail in the pool whilst watching the waves crash against the shore. The last bar is above the restaurant, with sunset drinks up there overnight due to it being in the perfect position to watch the sun dip behind the horizon. The restaurant has a centrepiece of falling jellyfish made up of shells in the middle adding to the sailor beach feel. At lunch and dinner, the chef comes around to you personally to ask you your dietary needs and what you would like to eat and he will make you your dish of choice! Which is so nice as there's no menu so you can pick and choose whatever!

There are many different rooms to choose from to stay in, there are the overwater villas (which we stayed in) Garden Suites, Beach Suites and Deluxe Beach Suites. All beautiful and unique so it doesn't really matter which one you choose to stay in!

The spa is beautiful with a winding staircase leading down to a bamboo covered wall. The rooms themselves are huge with tiled floors and brass sinks/ baths outside to use after. The massages were amazing! They really focus on where you are having trouble and work on that to help make you feel relaxed and energised for the few days that you're in Bawah. There's also a big menu to choose the different treatments you want to give you some inspiration. When you're done they ask what time you want your next one! Nowhere has ever offered multiple massages!! Throughout our stay, we had two massages each and a facial, all leaving us feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of the day.

Our Villa:

As we were led to our villa we were welcomed with our own names on the front which was a very unique and personal touch! We stayed in a beautiful overwater bungalow, with huge comfy lounge chairs with the sea and an island right in front, a big wooden deck with stairs going into the sea filled with multicoloured fish and a snorkel set ready to go. A huge double bed surrounded by a net to stop the bugs getting in. The bathroom had a chic rusted look to it with a bronze bathtub, a separate bronzed shower and two his and hers sinks to match, it felt perfect for us.Everything felt like its been thought of.


With being on a remote deserted island you'd think there's not an awful lot to do but Bawah isn't like that! They have many different things you can do to keep yourself entertained as well as just laying on the beach if that's what you'd prefer. As the island is relatively high there are three main trekking trails you can go on all leading to different and unique viewpoints over the island. We did the orange trail which starts from the bar and is an hour round trip through the jungle uphill to a view across coconut bay and the island opposite! It was a very enjoyable walk, not too difficult and the view at the end was very rewarding!

They have a board every day to tell you a timetable of different activities they have that day, every morning starts with a yoga session which we did one morning and it was the perfect way to start the day! It doesn't matter if you haven't done yoga before, its open to everyone. After this, there is usually a snorkel or scuba trip out of the bay where you will see sharks, turtles and many different sea creatures! We snorkelled around our villa and over to the jetty and we saw loads of different fish, sea cucumbers, Nemo fish, sea urchins and loads of starfish!

If you are a pro paddleboarder they also have these available to use throughout the day as well as kayaks to venture around the island. You can do all of these activities as a group at the selected time or if you want to do them whenever that's also okay so its very chilled and everything is in your own time.

They also offer an afternoon of a picnic for you to enjoy over at one of the most beautiful beaches, coconut bay. You can spend the morning kayaking around and then head over to coconut bay where they have set up a picnic consisting of sandwiches, cakes, sweets, fruits and anything else you have requested. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, just chilling on a private beach with the one you love enjoying a picnic in the sun!

Jacob and I requested a boat one afternoon and spent a few hours sailing around the different islands in Bawah to check them out and also hit a few insane photo spots! We stumbled upon one island with a big peak and of course, we had to climb it! It was slightly challenging but we took our time and the view was absolutely breathtaking. ( See the photo below)

The vibe at Bawah is probably one of the nicest I have experienced, it had such a family feel to it. All the staff knew us and our names and even the other guests felt like family! We all caught up at the restaurant, telling each other what we'd been up to for the day and any tips to enjoy the island to the fullest but then there was also the respected space given to enjoy dinner ect on our own. It was perfect. We only spent three nights there but we will hopefully go back!

Hayley ❀

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