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48 Hours in the Isle Of Skye

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

We set off towards the Isle of Skye, Scotland, by catching a small flight from London Luton to Inverness. It only took an hour and before we knew it we had landed and got our hands on our car for the weekend. Of course if had to be a Land Rover Defender! It's a three hour drive from Inverness to the Isle of Sky so we stocked up on snacks and began our journey across the country.

We were hoping to catch sunset but unfortunately we knew this wouldn’t be on the cards, so instead we headed straight towards the little town of Portree in search of somewhere to stay, passing many snow-capped mountains reflecting in the eerie-calm lakes below! We stumbled upon a cute B&B called Skeabost, dumped our stuff before exploring the area to plan our next few hours here wisely.

The next morning the first stop for us on our long list of places to explore was ‘The Fairy Pools’, a collection of pools formed on the river Brittle. The drive from our B&B took 35 minutes with the closest village to the pools being Carbost. Parking was easy as we were the first people there but it did get busy as the morning went on so be sure to arrive early to avoid the busy crowds.

We walked along the river, jumping over rocks and streams to admire the crystal pools. In the distance we could see the mountain tops slowly disappearing as a thick mist started creeping over, making it such an eerie but exciting walk. The whole walk took around two hours but we stopped multiple times for photo opportunities so be sure to give yourself lots of time.

Next on our list of hotspots was a rugged landscape formed by many landslips called ‘The Quiraing’, situated in an area called ‘Trotterish’. The main attraction here is the loop walk you can do which takes two hours scrambling around the steep slopes. With multiple sheer drop cliffs and many ridges formed it made for many quirky photo ops. Taking full advantage of the unique landscapes we captured the Defender in all its glory surrounded by the rustic countryside, which turned out to be pretty epic (see below!).

Neist Point Lighthouse was our chosen spot to capture sunset, with hopes of beautiful colours beaming through and dancing around the cliff face. With a drive time of an hour and 35 minutes we headed with plenty of time to factor mistakes in directions as I was on navigation duties so there was a high possibility of this! With Neist Point being one of the most famous lighthouses in Scotland we were very surprised to see only a handful of other photographers and tourists there. Maybe because it was March and very cold but either way we were very thankful to have the space to appreciate the sun going own behind the lighthouse, marking the end of another spectacular day. There are also many walks you can do around this area and lots of other photo opportunities so head out and investigate to find your perfect experience.

The next morning was an early one! Up at 3am to witness the sunrise, we drove 30 minutes to reach the famous ‘Old Man of Storr’. To get to the view point we had envisioned it was a high paced hike, climbing over rocks and through muddy areas which took us just over an hour. Once at the top we set up a tent to rest for a bit after the hike, as it was still dark and there was no sign of sunrise. It was an agonising wait for us, hoping and praying the weather held out. Then as the sun began to rise, beautiful pinks, purples and oranges started to light up the sky, presenting us with the stunning view of the sea in front and the cliffs far in the distance. As the sun rose higher, light began reflecting off ‘The Old Man of Storr’ giving us the show we had hoped for. Definitely worth the hike up there!

This was my first time visiting Scotland and it certainly will not be my last! The Isle of Skye was truly impressive and held so much natural beauty it was hard not to fall in love with it. We were very lucky with our time there as the weather was good, complimenting the surroundings and us hiring a Defender definitely added to the excitement of the trip - a must when considering your trip arrangements!

Hayley ❀

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