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48 Hours in Switzerland

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Winter was in full swing in England, the weather was looking very gloomy and miserable as usual so we decided to take a last minute trip somewhere to embrace the cold and feel a little more christmassy. What better place to do that in than heading to Switzerland! 

We booked a flight from London Heathrow to Geneva with British Airways and off we went. It still blows my mind that Europe is so close, the flight was only an hour long! Upon landing we made our way over to collect our rental car and proceeded to drive towards our hotel. It was a three hour drive but certainly a beautiful one as we drove past snow capped mountain ranges and cute little Swiss towns, we even drove onto a train and went through the heart of a mountain as the usual road was closed due to heavy snow fall. 

After a stunning drive we arrived at our hotel, the one and only Villa Honegg, perched high on a hill side! This hotel has been on mine and many others bucket lists for a very long time and this is due to their insanely cool infinity pool. You may have seen photos before but the pool starts inside in their spa area and has a small opening that allows you to swim outside as well. As soon as you do the fresh Swiss air hits you instantly and you're greeted by the most insane mountain views. If you look down you see a huge lake with little towns and ant-like cars below, it’s a magical scene.

On entering the hotel I instantly felt warm and comfortable, the decor was elegant and classy but also had a very cosy and homely feel to it. With huge fireplaces and comfy sofas I just wanted to snuggle up with a coffee whilst watching the fire crackling away. We were shown to our Superior room which was very spacious and had the same elegant decor throughout. The best part about the room was the huge balcony that looked over the mountains and lake below, giving us a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounded us. 

Our first morning we decided to make ourselves feel even more christmassy so we wrapped up warm and headed for walk along the Bürgenstock mountains. At the beginning of the walk the low cloud was thick with lots of snow falling around us so we couldn't see much in the distance. We walked for a further 30 minutes and the cloud began to clear revealing blue skies and tips of the mountains peaking through leading to amazing views of the entire mountain range. Rays of sunlight pierced thought the disappearing cloud, it was like something out of Narnia. 

When we returned to Villa Honegg we were welcomed back to a awesome little treat! We were informed that the hotel has its own cinema and they had booked it out for just the two of us that evening! With that in mind, we headed back to the room and got our swimming gear on before heading down to the pool for sunset, it’s safe to say we picked the perfect evening, the sky lit up with colours and golden light danced across the pool. Then, we zipped back up to the room, changed and headed down to the cinema, it was a really good size not too small or two big and had five rows of leather cinema sofas, the were designed for two people per sofa as well. We took the front row and snuggled up to watch the movie and they brought in popcorn and sweets for us too! This was such a nice touch and defiantly a good way to warm up after being out in the cold for hours.

Dinner at Villa Honegg was divine, it was a nice relaxing environment but with a elegant feel to it. The menu was great as there were many vegetarian options for me and was amazing to have a variety. Being the meat-eater he is, Jacob was in heaven with the steak he ordered and this was all paired with one of our favourite wines, an Argentinian Malbec from Mendoza. For dessert we shared a delicious apple tart while Jacob enjoyed a yummy looking cheese board.

As it was our last day in Switzerland we decided to head out early as we wanted to make it count. One last dip in the pool was a must so we made sure we were in there in time to watch the sun come up over the mountains. We said our goodbyes to everyone at Villa Honegg and headed to the mountain of Pilatus. We drove 30 minutes from Villa Honegg before reaching the bottom of the cable car that would take us to the top. At that point we were below the clouds with everything looking pretty grey and moody but as we went higher and higher we eventually passed through the clouds and the view was such a welcomed surprise. It was as if a grey blanket had been covering the whole town and now finally above it we could see tiny peaks of other mountains bursting through the cloud with a bright blue sky above. It was crazy! We got a few cool shots from the mountain top and headed back down in time to get our flight back to London.


Our trip to Switzerland was a very quick one but by seeing how stunning it is we will definitely be back to explore more and check out the warmer months too!! Thank you Villa Honegg for the perfect stay.

Hayley ❀

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