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24 hours in Barcelona.

Going to Barcelona has always been on the bucket list for me and Jacob has always wanted to shoot Barcelona from the sky so when we found ourselves at home in London with a weekend spare we thought why not use the time for a quick break to finally tick it off the list!

We flew directly to Barcelona from London Gatwick with Easyjet in around an hour and a half flight time. Once we landed in Barcelona we hopped in a taxi and headed to our hotel, Soho House. The interior in this house was beautiful, we had our own balcony with a view straight onto the harbor.

After checking out bags in our room we headed up to the top floor where they have an authentic terrace restaurant. It was a beautiful day so we had an early lunch whilst deciding what spot to go to first!

We took to the streets and made our way to the most known location in Barcelona, the La Sagrada Familia and it did not disappoint. They start building in 1882 which is crazy and it's still unfinished but incredible all the same! The detail in the architecture is amazing, you can clearly see the older parts of construction compared to the newer due to the different materials/ design. We were there at around 2 pm and it was super busy so if you want to beat the crowds I would recommend going early!

Our next stop was the Arc de Triomf, only a 20-minute walk from the La Sagrada Familia. Leading up to it is a beautiful grass verge which looks super nice in all the pictures and the arch itself is beautiful, with a strong orange colour to it, surrounded by palm trees it was a beautiful place to visit and photograph on a sunny day.

I would also definitely recommend walking around the 'gothic area' it's really cool and slightly eerie with small alleyways connecting it all together. With funky buildings and just alongside the area are lots of shops so its such a mix, one minute you can be exploring alleys and then you're on the main stretch with high street shops around you.

Now for pretty much the only reason we went to Barcelona, the heli ride! We got a taxi from our hotel straight to the helipad to begin our sunset ride with Cathelicopters. We got harnessed up and ran through the safety instructions, talked through the path we wanted to go and what we wanted to focus on whilst up in the air and before we knew it we were clipped in and ready to take off! We have been lucky enough to go in many helicopters in different cities but I must say this one by far was the most ... Seeing the city of Barcelona was like looking at a puzzle, I had no idea from walking around the streets that it was laid out the way it was. With each block having its own community around it and then roads cutting through the individual blocks it was incredible.

The pilot was also amazing, he wanted to have some fun and so did we so he started doing banking turns above the La Sagrada Familia and it literally felt as if we were flying as we were tied in so securely that we could lean out during the turns. As the light began to fade below the horizon we made a slow journey back to the helipad, after flying above the maze-like city for an entire hour! As we were coming into land the sky started to turn an orangey pink, touch down onto the ground and we were all buzzing with excitement. We had all just experienced one of the best hours of our lives and wanted to do it again! If you do go to Barcelona, make sure you do the help ride, it's s a must.

The next morning we woke at around 6 am and headed back up to the roof of our hotel where they have an outside swimming pool and beds to lay on, the sun rises directly in front of the pool so we watch it come up like a bright yellow ball and had a huge breakfast and dip in the pool in time for our flight back to London.

Barcelona is such an underestimated city in my opinion if you get a chance to go and explore there then do not think twice! Book that flight:)

Hayley ❀

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