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Updated: Apr 21, 2018

1. Where is my favourite place I have traveled?

This is a question I get asked all the time and its so difficult to answer. I have so many countries that I love for many different reasons! My favourite country for exploring is New Zealand! This country holds such a special place in my heart as it is truly beautiful and the landscapes are unreal. From insane mountain ranges to iced glaciers I honestly don't know how this country can get any better! I love hiking so its perfect for me, there are many mountain ranges to climb with a different breathtaking view each time. Its a beautiful country all year round but the best time to visit is probably spring and autumn time due to the changing colours.

Another country I love is Cambodia, for a completely different reason. It is so rich in history and culture I just find it truly inspiring how the people of Cambodia are so strong and positive after the dreadful history that defines their country. It also has amazing sights to see and visit such as Angkor Wat, a breathtaking UNESCO site that you have to visit if you go there! The people are also incredibly friendly and they don't try to rip you off just because you're a tourist which is always a plus!!

2. Who is my favourite photographer?

Jacob, obviously as I have watched him grow from when he first picked up a camera to now with his crazy creations and unique perspectives. Its not just the skill he has but he is THE hardest worker I have ever met. He inspires me so much and thats why I love him.

Another feed I really love to look at and follow is @dreaming_outloud. The page is owned by a girl called Hailey and I just love how colourful it is and she's always happy, spreading positivity and good vibes. She also has a huge infectious smile! Go check her out!!

3. How is it when travelling becomes photo shoots, do you get to see something new without a camera?

There is such a fine line when it comes to separating work with leisure time! As taking photos and finding unique spots is not only our job but our hobby as well. However I do always ensure that every place we go to I take a moment to appreciate and take in where we are so its not just a go there, snap away and leave. I think its really important for everyone to take a second and really acknowledge where they are and why they are there. This is something I try to practice everyday!

4. How did I meet Jacob?

I met Jacob when we were at college (high school) together at the age of 16. We were in a few of the same classes and grew our relationship from there!

5. Our future projects?

We have a few projects in the pipe line, moving to Bali has allowed us to settle a bit and focus on our future projects a lot more! Such as more workshops in many different and cool locations, YouTube channels and I am hoping to attend some volunteering and do some humanitarian work during this year as well as focusing on the environment and how we can make a positive change such as reducing our usage of plastic!

6. What inspired me to travel / create blog?

I've always been a keen traveller, I was super lucky and traveled a lot when I was younger and went on many holidays as a child which opened my eyes to how different every country is and different cultures. From then I visited a new country at every opportunity and went on my first real backpacking trip to South East Asia when I was 19 and I loved it. I noticed when I arrived back from the trip that not many people I knew in my home town were traveling that much and It made me want to help inspire and give people that push to travel and see the world and thats what I hope to do with my blog.

7. What are my travel tips/ tricks?:

Get a sim card in every country you visit- this will make it a lot easier, being able to use data for maps, to look up cool places and restaurants ect.

Learn a few but important words in the language of the country you are going as it's polite and also not everyone speaks English so it's important to know or jot down some words that will help you along the way.

Go for a walk and get lost! Its the best way to get to know a place super quick and you'll also stumble upon areas and places you usually wouldn't if you were to stick to a map or guide book. Its also super fun and rewarding once you've found your way back and start to recognise and get to know the area!

8. Where would I recommend for romantic getaway?

The most obvious choice... The Maldives!! Its just absolutely beautiful, with white sand and turquoise/ clear water it just makes you feel like you're in paradise! Whilst you're there you literally feel like you have zero worries in the world and its almost as if you have teleported to another world! No matter where you stay in the Maldives its all beautiful, we stayed at Soneva Jani/ Fushi - I have written a whole blog on our stay there so make sure to check that out too!! Link is https://www.hayleyvincent.com/blog-1/why-you-must-go-to-the-maldives

9. 3 essentials I take on my travels?

Eye Mask- Being able to sleep anywhere and everywhere is such an important thing, especially on planes so you can arrive in your new chosen destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore. So ensure you have an eye mask to help you nod off!

Pen and Paper- All my best ideas come to me when I'm on the move so I ensure I have something to jot them down on before I forget!

A tub of Coconut oil- I literally can't live without this stuff! I use it for my teeth, hair, skin and nails. Its one of my essentials. Use it twice a week in your mouth to get whiter teeth. Apply to your skin after you shower to ensure soft and subtle skin, especially if you've been out in the sun all day! For your hair I'd put a mask of this at least once/ twice a week to make sure the sun isn't damaging it and to just give it an oomph for growth and shine.

10. Whats on your bucket list?

Its so hard to put on here everything thats on my bucket list due to it being miles long, but ill give you my top three:

Learn a new language - as I only speak English.

Get my sky diving license - because why not!

Impact/ raise awareness around global impact - We all have a responsibility to ensure we fix what we have done to planet earth. With the amount of plastic being used and found in oceans and on the side of the road its really important we try our best to replace plastic with other materials. As well as making sure we look after the planet I also want to raise awareness for animal welfare as this is another subject that I hold closely to my heart, it kills me when I see animals being mistreated.

I hope you have enjoyed my Q$A and its answered a few questions you may have! I will be doing another one soon so write in the comments any other questions you have or drop me a DM on my instagram @hayley_

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I was 10 years old when I was first told I had bad eyesight and was paired with glasses. I remember the first day I took them to school, put them on and I could finally read the whiteboard, it was a revelation for me! Fast forward 13 years, countless pairs of glasses and I was fed up. I didn't really like wearing glasses so I relied mostly on contact lenses but they started to irritate and dry my eyes out. My prescription meant that I had to wear my contacts every minute of the day, my left eye was -2.75 with an astigmatism (where the eye is defected due to it being spherical which distorts the vision) and my right eye was -2.50. As I started to travel more the contacts became an ongoing issue and it became apparent that something needed to be done, this is why I decided to have Laser Eye surgery.

It was extremely tricky to find a place to do the surgery, especially one I fully trusted - I was sceptical as I had heard some horror stories like I'm sure you have too. When speaking with various people, hearing a mixture of opinions as to where to get the surgery done, I soon found myself on the London Vision Clinic website and after a little more research and reading reviews from thousands of people, I knew this was the place to get it done. The first step was to download their info guide which explained in detail about the clinic and the surgery itself. 

After reading the info guide and learning about their surgeons I decided that if I was suitable for the surgery I would request to have it done by Professor Dan Reinstein. He is a fantastic Ophthalmic surgeon, founder of London Vision Clinic, and also co-inventor of the Artemis scanner which scans the corneal to be able to safely treat higher prescriptions making laser eye surgery available to more people! Alongside all of his many achievements, he helped develop ReLEX SMILE which is the treatment I need to have. I would highly recommend checking out Professor Reinstein and all his qualifications - I was blown away! If you decide to go to a different clinic then make sure you do extensive research into the clinic and surgeon before committing to anything. 

There are a few  methods of laser eye surgery that The London Vision Clinic offer and two of these are LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) and ReLEX SMILE (Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. ) With the LASIK they use a laser to cut a flap in your eye to reach the cornea, this is 26mm long around the eye. Using another laser they reshape the cornea which is what changes your vision allowing you to see. Before putting the flap back down allowing the eye to heal itself. 

With the SMILE surgery, the main difference is that they do not create the flap but they make a small incision hole which is less invasive as its only 2mm long and the recovery is better due to this. With this method, it does take longer for the sight to come through but within 3/4 weeks the sight will stable. 

As with everything there are risks but these are explained at the initial consultation, there are a few side effects that you will definitely experience such as dry eye, glares and halos around lights especially at night but within a few days this will go. Many of the risks you hear about aren't actually true and the surgery is a lot safer and quicker than many people think. 

Heres a few myths that Professor Reinstein told me are often heard but completely untrue:

+ You can end up blind

+ It doesn't last very long and it may need redoing 

+ It can not re-correct an astigmatism 

+ The prescription has to be stable

+ If something was to go wrong there's nothing that can be done

+ Contact lenses are safer than laser eye surgery

It is crazy how many false myths there are around laser eye surgery so if you are considering surgery it’s best to book an appointment to discuss all your worries and hear about the risks, the method of the procedure and also to find out if you are suitable. I'm sure you will be surprised as to how small the risks are.

The Process:

The whole process with London Vision Clinic is very smooth and simple. Starting with your first consultation lasting around 3 hours, where they perform extensive tests, find out if you're suitable and also run through everything and answer your questions. The staff are extremely attentive and the whole environment in the clinic is relaxed and welcoming, helping to ease any nerves. 

Once you've gone home and taken in all the information that was given to you at the consultation and decide its time you want to go ahead with the surgery, another appointment is made with your chosen surgeon and this is a chance to meet them, have further tests and prepare for the day of surgery! 

The day of surgery was a lot better than I had expected and my experience of the day was fantastic. As soon as I arrived I was taken to see a nurse who ran through how the day was going to go and then explained what I needed to do to ensure I completed the correct steps during after-care. I was then taken into a relaxation room and given a small head a neck massage to help calm my nerves. 

Now it was time for the main event! After being fitted with a disposable hat and shoe covers I was guided into the operating room. I should have felt intimidated with all the machinery and the 4 operating nurses alongside Professor Reinstein, but I didn’t, I felt in very capable hands. Each step of the process was explained to me and they guided me onto the bed in the correct position and the surgery began. 

Firstly my eye was opened by a small clamping device, it didn't hurt at all and the fact of not being able to blink was soon a normal feeling, I quickly forgot the device was there. I could see a small green light and was advised to continue staring at it, the light slowly disappeared and eventually, all I could see was a yellow light (a bit like looking into the sun but not as bright.) Throughout the process, I was continuously told what was happening which was really comforting. The laser part was done but Professor Reinstein needed to finish the surgery by removing the part he lasered off and this was done simply by pulling it out of the keyhole that was made, I could not feel this at all and didn’t even know this was happening until it was over. Within a matter of minutes that was the first eye done! I still can't believe how simple, fast and pain-free it was. 

The same process was repeated for the second eye and before I knew it the surgery was completed! As I sat up I could instantly tell that my eyesight had improved, I could see all the numbers on the clock on the opposite wall which was insane! The SMILE surgery that suited my eyes better meant my vision was a bit misty and it would take a further 3/4 weeks until the vision was 100%.

Once the surgery and all the necessary checks have been done I was told I could leave so I headed back to the hotel. I was advised to wear sunglasses due to light sensitivity, and then as instructed I laid down with my eyes closed for three hours whilst applying drops every 30 minutes, being waited on hand and foot by Jacob. I'm very lucky!

As I mentioned the method of surgery that I had meant the healing process was slightly longer but the aftercare at LVC is amazing! They give you your own pack with eye drops (3 different types for different purposes), a timer, tissues and even these awful looking eye shields that are required to be worn for the first 7 nights! You also get the surgeons number for emergencies and I received many courtesy calls to check how my recovery was going.

(My eyes 24 hours after surgery- the yellow tinge on my eyelids is a dye used for doing necessary tests)

(This is a image of my eye 24 hours after the surgery, in the red circle is the small incision that is starting to heal)

My surgery was completed over a month and a half ago and things have been going incredibly well, I had one follow up appointment and due to have another in May 2018 but my eyes feel incredible!

I decided to write this blog as I know there are many people who are nervous about laser eye surgery and I really hope that this blog can help put some people at ease if they are considering laser eye surgery, whilst also giving insight as to what to expect. If you are considering it then I'd highly recommend booking a consultation as you're not obliged to go ahead with it, however it’s nice to have questions answered and be correctly informed about the surgery. It has without a doubt been life changing for me and id love for you to experience that too!

P.S - This was not at all sponsored post, I paid the full price for my surgery and am so happy with the results!

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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I've always been an adventurer; never one to stay in the same place for long periods of time and constantly looking for the next exciting moment. I’ve also always been fascinated by the different cultures around the world and their varying way of life. From a young age I was extremely fortunate to be able to go on many holidays and adventures, this gave me my first introduction to these different cultures, opening my eyes to the fascinating world we live in. When the opportunity arose for me to move to the other side of the world it was of course an easy decision and within 5 weeks I had packed my bags and left the country. However, having always lived in the U.K I was torn between being excited and nervous of how I would feel and what the outcome of this move would be. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I have made and here is what it taught me. 

Who your true friends really are.

Possibly the main concern of mine when making the big move away was loosing contact with those close to me and potentially loosing friendships I cared about. I wasted a lot of my time and energy worrying about this and when I look back now I realise how ridiculous this mindset was. Obviously I should have realised that I wasn’t going to speak to my friends at home as often as I thought, life takes over and with the time difference it certainly did prove difficult. However, since my return I have learnt the simple fact that the ones that really care for you and love you will be there for you regardless of how far around the world you are or how long you go without speaking. They will just be happy that you are doing whats best for you and like any true friends, they will be there when you need them.


Always say yes (Within reason). 

We as humans love to stay within our comfort zone, where we stick with what we know and what we are comfortable with. In doing this I have quickly realised we miss out on so many experiences, restricting our ability to have a good time and not allowing us to live life to its fullest. Its so important to try and say yes to every opportunity given to you, even the smallest things. Whether it be an invite out with new friends for a drink or really pushing your limits by saying yes to throwing yourself out of a plane (skydiving for anyone that was concerned). Agreeing to these and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will give the feeling of complete freedom, you’ll find yourself with a new bunch of friends and maybe even a new hobby or passion you never knew you had. This mindset helped me from the moment I landed as a few days after arriving in New Zealand I was asked to go on a road trip with the one girl I knew out there. I only knew her out of the 7 people going so as expected I was very nervous and apprehensive but I am so glad I went. I made new and fun friends who I’ll have for life, I enjoyed experiences I’ll treasure forever and I even found myself learning how to surf! 

It’s not wrong feel lonely. 

How many times have you been sat awaiting a text or call from someone to fill your day while you sit there with an agonising feeling of loneliness? For me it happened more times than I’d like to admit but it’s something that I think is so important to talk about. Moving to a country where I hardly knew anyone this feeling of loneliness started to become a little bit too familiar, it’s a hard thing to have to cope with but inevitable in most cases. Having experienced this a lot more than anticipated I decided not to feel down about it but rather to embrace the feeling of being by myself. Soon I started enjoying my own company, a very difficult task to begin with. However, over time it gave me space to listen to myself and discover what my own likes and interests were without the influence of others. I spent many of my days going for walks and hikes in the mountains, reading books and other activities. This really helped in clearing my mind and giving me different outlook on life, I embrace the feeling of being alone and turned this usually negative subject into a positive one - a refreshing benchmark in my life for sure. 

Learn what really matters.

I  have never been and never will be a materialistic person but like everyone I do like to treat myself every now and then. Whether it be a shopping spree or getting my hair done they have always made me feel good. However my time away with limited funds meant I had to be very selective with what I spent my time and money on, I quickly learnt the aspects of life I may of thought were important back in London really didn’t matter here. I wanted to explore the beauty that New Zealand had to offer instead of spending my money on shopping sprees and other things. This did mean I had to budget myself strictly but it made my entire experience more fulfilling (from skydiving to river canyoning) and I wouldn’t change a thing. Along with managing my money I also realised that every hour in the day was just a precious as the next, getting up early to experience a magical sunrise and staying up late to chill with new friends under a sea of stars - whatever the adventure is, be sure to take advantage of every hour given to you, you'll soon regret it if you don't!

Always have your future in mind.

Whether you're living life on the road or working a 9-5 in your home town we sometimes fall into the trap of living life day by day and never planning for the future. I know that I never really had a future plan when I left for New Zealand which was a big worry for me and since returning back home to London I realised how I could have better planned my time out there by setting myself more goals and targets for both my time there and also for my return home. I didn't set myself up or have anything to fall back on so when I finally returned home there was a considerable amount of pressure on me to work out what I wanted to do, how I was going to get a job and how I was going to start getting paid again . Because of this I am now a strong believer in always having something to work towards, set yourself goals and set time limits to reach them. This will ensure you actively push towards something and everything you do will be with those goals in mind. If you have your future in the forefront of your mind you'll always be heading in the right direction. 

Hayley ❀

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