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Hey! I'm Hayley, thanks for taking the time to explore my blog, let me tell you a little more about myself...

I am 24 years old, born in London and living in Bali, Indonesia, sometimes better known on Instagram as @Hayley_. for the past two years I have been exploring the world and sharing some of my favourite experiences, insights and travel tips. I have a love for all things travel, lifestyle & fitness and I am currently on the path to becoming a full time Personal Trainer. Look out for loads of exciting updates as I bridge the gap between travel and fitness. Enjoy!

Moving to a new country? It's scary but exciting, here's some tips!


Looking for your next travel adventure? Maybe I can help with some inspiration!


Want to know how to stay fit while travelling? These insights should help!


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A guide toTaipei!

My new favourite city, EVER! I recently explored Taipei on a last minute trip and instantly fell in love. The people, food & culture are just a few of the magical parts of this city. Oh and they have Almond Milk Bubble Tea, what's not to love!

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